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10 Great Sources for Financial Education on the Web


10 Great Sources for Financial Education on the Web. Learn about finance with these free online courses. See the full list of free financial education courses, and find the finance-related course that’s right for you.

Online Financial Education Courses for Credit

Free courses in finance are commonly available online and don’t require registration or tuition. But, students likely won’t be able to earn college credit through these courses. Students who are interested in earning college credit might want to look for online resources that charge a small fee for online lessons. Fee-based courses can prepare students to earn college credit. offers this form of distance learning with timely and informative video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. There are also free transcripts available for the video lessons. Both of these options can help students earn college credit. Students interested in finance can take the Economics 102: Macroeconomics course, which offers some chapters on finance, including these options:

  • Money, Banking and Financial Markets – Topics include present and future value of money, types of money, Fractional Reserve System, bank lending and interest rates.
  • Central Bank and the Money Supply – Learn about the Federal Reserve System, discount rates, quantity theory of money and the consumer price index.
  • Fiscal and Monetary Policies – Subjects covered in this chapter include the Keynesian Revolution, fiscal policy tools, progressive tax code and automatic stabilizers.

Free Online Non-Credited Financial Education Courses

The resources listed in this article include courses that cover both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Courses deal with a variety of financial topics, including personal finance, financial markets, saving for college and finance development. These classes offer no academic credit, although many contain much of the same material presented in a regular college course.

Development Finance at Nagoya University

Nagoya University is located in Japan, but offers free courses in English. With this course, students learn about theories and policy issues related to development finance. Development macroeconomics is a suggested prerequisite to the course. Resources include a lecture video in Japanese, as well as English.

Equity Finance at The Open University

This six-hour graduate-level class offers instruction on raising finance through private equity and venture capital. Questions are placed within lessons, and references are made to outside websites and readings. Students also can learn about the international stock exchanges in Tokyo, London and Frankfurt.

Family Finance at Utah State University

After completing this class offered by Utah State University, students might be able to create financial plans and goals while learning about financial topics and personal/family values. Assignments, papers and additional resources are also part of the course.

Finance Theory II at Massuchussetts Institute of Technology

This is a graduate-level class focused on the fundamentals of corporate finance theory and making informed business decisions. Students can learn through readings and assignments about valuation and financing. Practice midterms and finals are posted online. Students may find it useful to have taken financial theory or have some knowledge of economics and accounting.

Financial Markets at Yale University

Through this course, students will be able to join online study groups and can receive a discount on selected textbooks used in the class. Students can learn about the theory of finance and financial institutions.

Investing For Your Future at eXtension

Investing For Your Future is an 11-unit course that instructs students on investment products, investment fraud and investment resources. The course includes worksheets, in addition to a study guide, learning activities and action steps for students to complete.

My College Money Plan at Wichita State University

The course aims to instruct students on selecting a college, paying for their education and managing their money effectively. A document library with information on identity theft, credit reports and the costs of college are provided, along with worksheets.

Personal Finance at the University of Arizona

Individuals looking to learn about the basics of personal finance may want to consider taking this course. The 15-hour course includes quizzes and section summaries.

Planning for a Secure Retirement at Purdue University

Learning tools for the class include modules, activities and additional readings. The course objective is to teach students how to plan for a comfortable retirement. Also included is a page of links to outside resources and organizations.



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