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2016 CIGI ILRP Graduate Scholarship For Law Graduates, Canada


The International Law Research Program (ILRP) of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is pleased to announce its Graduate Scholarship Competition for the 2016-2017 academic year. The ILRP invites Canadian and foreign students who are enrolling or are currently enrolled in masters or doctoral levels studies at a Canadian university faculty of law to apply for the CIGI ILRP Graduate Scholarship

Value of Scholarship and Renewal of Doctoral Scholarship

The scholarship for LLM students is valued at CDN$ 16,000/year.  The scholarship for SJD/PhD in Law students is valued at up to CDN $24,000/year.  A doctoral student who has already been awarded a CIGI ILRP doctoral scholarship may apply for renewal in a subsequent year by submitting a summary renewal application.  The value, duration and conditions for each scholarship will be detailed in the letter of offer provided to the successful applicant.


LLM students are required to spend a two-month period of residency at the CIGI Campus building, located in Waterloo, Ontario.  SJD/PhD in Law students are required to spend a four-month period of residency at the CIGI Campus.

The residency requirement provides LLM and SJD/PhD in Law students an opportunity to pursue their academic research in a think-tank environment where experienced researchers and senior fellows are studying related issues of international law and to participate actively in relevant CIGI and ILRP scholarly and professional activities.  During the residency period all scholarship students will present their research to the ILRP team for feedback and guidance.  Each doctoral scholarship student is expected to prepare a CIGI commentary related to their research for publication by CIGI.  There may be opportunities for scholarship students to publish blogs on the ILRP Global Rule of Law site. Where logistics permit, scholarship students will have opportunities to participate in workshops and conferences organized by the ILRP that are relevant to their research.

The residency element is flexible and can be adapted to complement the particular LLM program and the particular doctoral program and doctoral student’s research needs. The specific arrangement must be acceptable to the student’s home institution.  In practice, LLM students and first year doctoral students tend to come during the summer months while later stage doctoral students come throughout the year.  A doctoral student may stay longer than four months if space permits and the student’s academic supervisor agrees.

During the period of residency each scholarship student will be provided work and study space as well as access to our library and related research resources.  Each student must provide their own computer; internet and e-mail access will be provided.

Should the need arise, CIGI will provide guidance to students who require assistance finding suitable accommodation for the duration of their period of residency at the CIGI Campus.


Scholarship applications should be received by March 31, 2016 and, except for a summary application to renew a doctoral scholarship, should contain the following:

a)     Statement of Interest, indicating a clearly specified explanation of why you wish to spend a period of residency at CIGI’s ILRP;

b)     Research Proposal (not more than 1,500-words) with a description of your proposed research project related to one of the ILRP areas of focus;

c)     Up-to-date curriculum vitae;

d)     One letter of support from your current/proposed supervisor in your academic program. For students pursuing their degree through coursework one letter of support from your Dean, Department Head, Program Director or equivalent;

e)     Three references, at least two of which are academic references;

f)      A list of previous awards/publications/conference/research experience; and

g)     Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.

Summary applications to renew a doctoral scholarship should contain the following:

  1. Student’s letter requesting renewal; and
  2. Letter of recommendation from the student’s doctoral supervisor affirming that the student is making excellent progress in his/her doctoral research.

Please submit all applications by email to

More information about the CIGI ILRP Graduate Scholarship



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