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3000 Chinese Universities CSC Scholarship | 2018-2019.


CSC scholarship is for international students who are willing to pursue Bachelor, Master or P.HD degree. This scholarship is offered in around 3000 Chinese universities. For applicants who are willing to enroll in the program, they should make a note that online application has to be filed in along with all the mandatory requirements.

Worth of Award

Scholarship holders are provided awards as listed below;

  • Support throughout visa application process
  • Access to German and English courses through the research stay in China.
  • Accommodations are arranged in the country wherein applicant is pursuing his scholarship.
  • Support with respect to registration and completion of scholarship program in the University.

Eligibility requirement

  1. Keep by your side attested copies of degree and also transcripts for CSC application submission.
  2. Recommendation letters from two of your teachers, it is mandatory document for filling in the application.
  3. HSK award letter or IELTS certificate, even a simple certificate would do if it specifies that your last degree has been obtained in English language. This is known as English proficiency certificate which is also available at the Chinese university.
  4. A compulsory medical examination needs to be conducted and same should be signed and stamped by him.
  5. Complete and detailed research plan has also to be created and presented in the university along with specific reasons for joining Chinese University, degree or program.
  6. Passport is a mandatory document which should be possessed by an individual at the time of filing application for CSC. For applicants who don’t have passport they should apply for it and make sure to get it by the time of application.
  7. Attach passport copy and acceptance letter from professor of the University where you wish to attain scholarship from.
  8. Make sure to submit the complete application form before March 2018.
  9. Create a password at the time of application such that form can be submitted without any issue. If you don’t have password yet, go ahead and create it.
  10. If in case you don’t have a fixed or reliable courier address, make sure to send the documents of scholarship directly to the university such that nothing is left undone and the process of submission of documents gets completed in one go.
  11. All the requested documents should be crafted in two sets and then courier it to the university address. It is even advisable to keep a copy for yourself such that it can be referred to at the time of need.

Who is not eligible for scholarship?

  1. National students are not eligible for the scholarship hence they should not apply.
  2. Applicant should have attained the age of at least 18 years.
  3. Applicant should not be a Permanent resident or must have not applied for it on or before filing application.
  4. Applicant should also not be married or engaged to a permanent resident of China.

If you wish to gain more information, click on the link given below;




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