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$36,000 Presidential Award for Academic Excellence | 2018-2019.


The President’s Education Awards Program, also known as PEAP was founded in the year 1983. It was started for the purpose of honoring students studying in the middle school, high school and elementary graduation level for their hard work and achievements in academic pursuits. The program has been recognized by the US secretary of education as well as the President. The program rewards thousands of deserving students each year, who have excelled in their academics.


There are various parameters through which the eligibility for the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence is tested.

  1.    Grade point average
  • Students should earn an average of 90 out of 100 points.
  • For the computation of grade points average for the student at a certain award level, only the years through the fall semester of that particular year are to be taken into consideration.
  • K3 is not included in the elementary school.
  1.    School criteria
  • Schools should have the effective assessment tools that can help in recognizing the deserving students. This may include a grading system that helps to set apart the students with above 90-grade points.
  • Academic excellence should be the primary indicator of excellence and potential eligibility for the award.
  • Students may also be required to write essays and have a good attendance.
  1.    Tests and recommendations
  • The mathematics score during state tests, performance in reading and other nationally recognized tests are considered for testing eligibility.
  • For seniors, their performance in college admission exams such as ACT and SAT may also be taken into account.
  • The students may also be chosen through a recommendation by one or more teachers.
  • The selected students are required to be proficient in multiple fields including science, mathematics, geography, history, foreign language, art or whatever is included in the core curriculum of the school.
  • The judgment made by the teachers should be supported by report cards reflecting their performance in class tests, assignments, special projects or special assessments.

Out of the points given above, students should either meet point no. 1 and either one of the two categories mentioned in point 3 or point 2 and either one out of the two categories from point 3.

Unlike many other awards and scholarship programs, the principal and few other staff in the schools tend to have a greater influence in deciding the recipient of the award.

Monetary value

The students may receive amounts of up to $36,000, divided into four parts, or $9,000 each year for four years.

How to apply?

The entire application process is online.

Application deadline:  Applications will start post mid-January 2018.

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