5 Scholarships You Should Not Miss in August – Full Financial Aids


The Month of August will get even more exciting for you as it was with some of our readers last month, we would like to remind you of top five (5) scholarship opportunities we hand selected for you this Month of August that you should not miss.

As a matter of fact they are more than 5, but we have chosen the best five for those who wish to study in USA, UK, Switzerland, and some parts of Europe.

Our strong suggestion is that you apply for each of them, as you would most likely be successful. Scholarships are free to apply for and thus, we recommend you don’t miss the opportunity to get a world-class education in your choice course of study in a foriegn university. Check them out below.

  1. The Fulbright Scholarships – 4,000 Students
  2. The Salisbury University Scholarships – $9,040
  3. King’s College London Scholarships – £9,000
  4. MBA scholarships at the International Institute For Management Development.
  5. 100% Master Card funded scholarships – up to $31,000.