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€10,856 Radboud Scholarship Program Awards in Netherland | 2018-2019.


Under Radboud scholarship program selected number of courses is offered to the students. Herein students are given the opportunity to pursue a master program which is taught completely in English. Under this program approximately 30 students are offered scholarship. The applicants must make a note that this program is only applicable for extremely talented students who have been outstanding in their academic records and study results.

Worth of awards

Following awards are provided to the scholar holders;

  1. Applicants are offered waiver of partial tuition fees. The tuition fees waived is equivalent to the level of EEA student. Like a grant holder is going to pay fees of €2,060, instead of €9,879 or €10,856.Other related expense is also covered which includes expense for visa, health and liability insurance and residence permit. The near about expense of such things comes out to be €490 which student need not have to pay out of his own pocket.

One must note that Radboud is not a complete scholarship program; hence living cost is not covered under it. Moreover for applicants who have been enrolled in two year program, for them to earn scholarship of second year they should have passed the entire course in first year.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Holder of non EU/EEA passport is eligible for the scholarship program.
  2. The applicant should not be eligible for lower EEA tuition fee for any reason.
  3. Student must have complied with all the conditions that are required for getting visa of Netherlands.
  4. A good academic background is the must for students to become eligible for the scholarship program. The academic score shall be checked by going through test scores, rank or grades in the course.
  5. The applicant must have gained bachelor degree outside Netherland or has not attained any degree in Netherlands. He also should not have taken any previous education in the country.
  6. The applicant should be admitted fully to the English master’s degree program latest by September 2018 such that he becomes eligible for the scholarship.
  7. Radboud University as a full time student for pursuing master program under which scholarship has been granted to him.
  8. Two reference letters have to be submitted to the university. These reference letters have to be written by the professor, teacher or dean of the previous university you were studying in. one must make a note that the selection of students is based on the quality of reference letter submitted at the university.
  9. Curriculum vitae have also to be submitted at the time of submission of application.
  10. The application has to be completed either online or through OSIRIS on or before 1 March, 2018.

Who are not eligible for the program?

  1. Resident of Netherland is not eligible for the scholarship program
  2. The applicant must have attained 18 years of age at the time of filing application.
  3. The applicant should not be married or engaged to a permanent resident of Netherlands.

For individuals who wish to know more about the program, they can visit the link mentioned below;’s-programmes/financial-matters/scholarships-grants/read_more/rsprogramme/



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