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Earn Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students in Netherlands


If you are looking for a scholarship designed for international students for the Netherlands, then it is best to get Utrecht Excellence scholarships as they are the secured and safer than other scholar degrees. You can get Utrecht University by this scholarship. You get a number of features through scholar like you don’t need to attend-full in your class but you can do some job along with the education. You get free accommodation for the first year if you have chosen some good college.

It is best if you attend-full time course as it can give you better profit for your next years of education. Also, if you are right in academic session and other assignments then it will profit you a lot in a study.

All about Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

  • Eligible candidates and amount of scholarship – You are eligible with your skills and talents, and with some perspective like if you are an international student then only you get a scholarship, this means that you need to be out of non-EU/EEA countries to be eligible for it. Amount of scholarship depends on the results, but you should have maximum of tuition fee + 11,000 euro expenses for year
  • Number of scholarships provided per year – approximately two for the bachelor’s in economics and business economics and five for the liberal arts and sciences at Utrecht University
  • Deadline – It is not easy to apply it after the deadline as they are the final date and it is best to fill the form before the deadline. It is 1 February for the Utrecht scholarship, so fill it as early as possible


It is not easy and simple to apply for the Utrecht University, but you need to sacrifice a lot as selection committee decides eligible student which strict and it is rare to get admission by your perception. You get the scholarship in May, so you need to wait for the results. Also, you cannot connect with the program if you are filling it with in February.

Selection criteria

A criterion that is required to be selected for the scholarship is:

  • Academic excellence and promise in the following field of study, their academic quality and preceding education results, for example, by test scores, and by grades
  • Application quality: that is completeness, consistency, accuracy. These are common things that should be best when applying for the application

Funding – Tit is done by Utrecht scholarship test through the Utrecht University and following Utrecht alumni. These are some of the basic methods on which funding are done.

The aim of the programme – It offers students to get highly talented prospective to students. It is the opportunity for the students to pursue selected amount of the fields at Utrecht University. The scholarship programme like Economics and Business economics, Liberal arts, and sciences at Utrecht University is highly selective. The candidate with high skills achievement and with real goals may receive the scholarship. So get it now, you can fill your application form and take other instruction through the official scholarship site through this link:




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