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Full Tuition Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Program | 2018-2019.


Utrecht Excellence Scholarship program

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship program offers students with excellent opportunity to pursue bachelor and master’s degree in selected fields in the University. University every year offers 20 scholarships to students willing to pursue master’s course here. On the other hand, 2 scholarships are offered for pursuing bachelors in economics and business economics and 5 is offered for liberal arts and sciences.

Worth of awards

For applicants who have been successful in gaining scholarship from the university they are eligible to awards as listed below;

  1. Applicant is eligible to award equivalent to tuition fees or EURO 11,000 which can be used for covering accommodation and living expenses.
  2. Scholarship is granted for the period equivalent to duration of program. If it is a two year program, the scholarship is renewed for second year keeping in mind the performance of an individual.

The grant is not funded completely, hence students must ensure to make provision of extra funds beforehand.

Eligibility requirements

For applicants to be eligible for scholarship following conditions should be complied or documents should be submitted;

  1. Applicant should belong to the class of top 10% graduating individuals. Hence only the most talented and prospective students in the batch have highest chances of being selected and granted scholarship by the university.
  2. He should not hold passport of EU/EEA i.e. he should not be a citizen of the country or should not have permanent residency of the said place.
  3. Student should have completed his secondary education or his bachelor degree outside Netherlands. A relevant secondary school diploma should be held by student who is applying for bachelor scholarship program.
  4. Motivation letter has to be submitted to the university which is one of the biggest criteria based on which scholarship is offered to students. The motivation letter should be based on intercultural, communication skills and academic content.
  5. Application letter shall also be submitted for the program and it should be accurate, complete and consistent for applicants to achieve complete marks and get scholarship for the said program.
  6. Student should make sure that he is in a condition to meet the requirements of Dutch visa and does not have any disqualification attached with him.
  7. The start date of application in master program should be 1 September 2018.
  8. Documents have to be submitted in the sets of 2 at the time of filing application. This shall include the application form, passport size photograph, proof of education etc.
  9. The deadline for submitting the form is 1 February 2018.

Who are not eligible for the program?

  1. If applicant is offered any form of support under Dutch system of grants and loans he shall not be eligible for scholarship.
  2. The applicant should be 18 years of age.
  3. Student should not be a citizen of Netherland.
  4. Applicant should not be married or engaged to a permanent resident in Netherland.

For individuals who wish to gain more information on Utrecht Excellence Scholarship program they can follow the link given below;




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