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Get the Pauline Avigès Graham Scholarship for African Women in UK, 2018 today!


If you are looking for University who give Pauline Avigès Graham Scholarship for African Women in the UK, then it is best to apply to London school of economics and political science for 2018-2019 scholarship. They are great in providing scholarships, and it is seen that students graduating from the LSE University are highly skilled and are progressive in all fields. They are high in everything, and it is best to get qualify for scholarship getting this college.

Scholarship Description

  • Course level – This are only for undergraduate students, so you are not eligible if you are graduated from the college but best for bachelors.
  • Field requirement – Whether it is any related course related to your university, you get scholarship degree by course available on the University.
  • Benefits of the scholarship – You don’t need hard cash in your pocket, but through scholarship, you need to pay only £15,000. Also, you get free accommodation based on your results and progress on an academic session.

By involving in Pauline Avigès Graham Scholarship, you get features as you can work while studying, so you need only to attend the University Exams and practicals. But LSE is excellent University for knowledge and for developing skills that can be beneficial for the future.

Eligibility criteria for LSE

  • You are eligible only if you are female African national or domiciled in an Africa or the UK. Also, you can qualify if you are nationally Iran, Iraq or Lebanon student but these are primarily for the African women’s
  • For applicants, it is notice to secure an offer of admission to a BSc course related at the school. Also, you should be sure to download and complete an application form to apply for the scholarship, so you get to know from the results whether you are eligible for it or not
  • If you do not have English as your first language, then it is best to show it as criteria at an exam time so you can be safe for your future examination
  • You can give test in the UK through merely changing your exam center asked in the form or can get it within African countries

These are some of the eligibility criteria that are necessary when you apply for these scholarships.

How to apply for the scholarship program?

If you have received an offer for admission based on conditional or unconditional =, you can apply for Pauline Avigès Graham Scholar. You just need to be sure to fill the application form before deadline date which is 26 April 2018. By filling a form, you get to consider some or other choice in LSE University. So you get to meet the eligibility criteria. Download undergraduate scholarship form for your applied course and return an application to the financial support office. You can quickly reach the official scholarship site through this link:

So what are you waiting for! Don’t wait for the last date Just fill scholarship form as early as you can so exam forms are available for you and so you don’t need to disappoint afterward.



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