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Key Points; Ease Through Your Study in Europe, US and UK Without Stress


The last two years of high school are filled with important decision-making processes and trips to the career advisory office. It’s that time of your life when the decisions you, as students, make can affect your whole future. Hence, this time needs to be managed properly. Because students are young and inexperienced, they need proper guidance to help them make the right decision.

Every student has different aptitudes and dreams of what they want to do with their life. Sometimes these attitudes and dreams fall in line with each other while other times they have to be changed to match each other. This is the first step in the process of admissions to universities. Following this, there are many other steps which need to be fulfilled in order to get into your desired university/ college. These steps include writing your personal essays/statements, short listing your universities, registering for the universities and then waiting for the announcements of the acceptances.

Whether you are applying to Europe, US or UK, you notice some similarities shared between all the countries. However, there are some major differences as well. All three areas offer the best possible education and include some of the top universities of the world. They also offer admissions to students who cannot afford to go to the most expensive colleges thus containing a combination of both the ivy leagues and other universities. As a foreign student applying abroad to one of these places, you should know the basics of each country. Here I have compiled certain details that everyone should know before applying to countries like UK, US or Europe. These are vital details which should not be ignored, but often are.

study in EuropeStudy in Europe

The first and foremost thing that you should consider before applying to Europe is that there will be a huge cultural difference. You are likely to be in the minority. Calculate how many friends, family or personal links you have in the country where you have to spend the next three to four years of your life.

The next thing that most students should consider before applying to Europe is that it has a relatively expensive living. The cost of courses offered by universities tends to be generally low but if added together with the overall cost of staying, it sums up to nearly the same amount as universities in the US or UK and sometimes, even more.

The last main thing that should be looked upon is the language barrier. Even if you have studied the specific language of the European country you are applying to, be prepared to face the troubles of understanding everyday conversations. There is a major difference in studying a language as a subject and speaking it fluently. This hindrance leads to frustration and can affect your studies adversely.

Study in the USStudy in US:

The first matter that comes to mind when looking to study in the US is its social life. The US has a very vibrant and exciting way of life that often takes some time to adjust to. You should prepare to introduce yourself to people of different backgrounds and social circles. Once you meet this diverse type of people, you will find the ones who are best suited for you and who are your type. Make a group and stick to it. It is always good to have friends in a new country.


The second problem that needs more attention is that international students often complain about their accommodation. Although there are many options available, research shows that because international students are new to the country, they are often put in less than ideal dorms. So before finalizing a dorm room and paying your fee, explore the place and find out more about the people who you’ll be living with. Take your time and if you are still not contented after a week or two of living in your assigned dorm, go to the international admissions office and express your concern. Better safe than sorry in a new country.

study in UKStudy in UK

Most students when applying to the UK do not know that the UK has the least amount of scholarships available if compared to the other countries. The demand for scholarships is always greater than the supply and this leads to only the highest scoring students getting a certain percentage of money off from their tuition fee. So before applying to the UK you must make a separate note of all your expected expenses and how you will fund these costs.

Another thing that you should consider before applying to the UK is that you have to apply through UCAS. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a UK-based charity whose main role is providing the application process for almost all British universities. The thing to note here is that you can apply to a maximum of 5 universities in the UK through UCAS. So shortlist your universities before hand and apply to only those that you have a greater chance of getting into.



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