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SRMC Shine Scholarships for International Students in Singapore


The SRMC is a postgraduate or the doctorate level course of all the people who are interested in giving the post-degree or to specialize in any particular form of study through in and throughout. The college is a very delicate platform as it only encourages and advises promotion to only those individuals. Who are very committed and are very focused on their dreams and desires which come forth by it.

The students of this place are very committed to their education as it requires a whole lot of focus and determination to achieve their goals. The people thus from all walks of lives needs thorough checkup so that they could be ensured that they are up for such a harsh and intrigued atmosphere which can enable every individual to get their desires fulfilled in almost no amount of time. It’s a place of the dreamers.


  • The scholarship is only and will only be provided to those students who are interested in pursuing a course which minimum takes an average of 4 years. The people who are interested in it need to qualify for these segments before they can be a part of something that great and of that level. The course is very productive in its entire manner. The people who are willing to the course are aware of it.
  • Unlike other universities, the institute gives very profound importance to their students. The people and the students who are part of the institute who are availing the scholarship are even provided with the expenses of the travel, and because of this very reason, people from all walks of lives are choosing this university. Their concern for the students is of the utmost nature.


  • The course is available to all the international courses which mean any person belonging to any platform can easily avail the course in almost no amount of time. The course is widely advertised in and around the world, and thus people chose it all the time in overlooking the odds of it.
  • The people who are passionate about the course and willing to put forth their research very much forward. The people who put their heart and soul in work are only eligible for the work. The eligibility criteria are very tough, and because of this very reason, people choose this course. The course is valued internationally, and thus peoples from all the nations chose it all the time.
  • The student must be very fluent and very good at conversing in English and because of this very reason people before joining this university works on their communication skills. The people thus are very satisfied with the way the entire course is delivered to the people.

Application form

  •    The people can only avail the form the online. Therefore people always need to go through the entire procedure before joining the course. The students are liable to read all the instruction in all the cost and then act accordingly as per the instruction that is being provided.

Deadline: 1 Jan 2018 (annual)
Study in:  Singapore
Next course starts Aug 2018

This is the link to refer for further information.



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