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Study in Canada with UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award


There are many colleges which offer various kinds of opportunity for the building of the skills and the encouragement of the labor of students. The UBC international mainly focus on finding many ways out in which they can focus on building and uplifting the overall personality of a person. The institute focus on filling the gap and bridging it up with all the possible tools and methods which can build up the personality of a person and can help him out in the upcoming in endeavors in his or her lives. The institute works upon lifting up the overall potential of a person on all the costs.

The institute is widely respected, and the people who are part of it have given a whole lot of positive feedback from all the varied sources that they are equipped with and yielding a profitable result eventually.


  • The scholarship is given to only a few and selective individuals due to many important reasons. The student who is actually in need of the scholarship often gets overlooked. To do so, people need to be very cautious as if the economic condition of the person states otherwise can be finally be discarded from the institution.
  • The scholarship is only provided to the undergraduate students, and the other important fact is that students need to perform extremely well in the academic. The academic performance needs to highly satisfactory otherwise the students cannot avail the scholarship. These certain information needs to be taken and is always taken very seriously for all the people who go for the scholarship and thus eventually get the result out of it.
  • The university always keeps a background check on their students and ensures that the only the worthy ones get the access to such scholarship at any cost.


  • The student must have qualified the student level UBAC student test which is a benchmark and a standard test to check whether the individual can even apply for the university.
  • The student should have a class A record when comes to academic records. The people, therefore, need to be very consistent when comes to preparing for the individual exams. The people are very much liable for the information that they put forth for the exams. The exam is highly respected as if considered to be the benchmark for the other qualifying rounds.
  • The next essential aspect is that the student must belong to a valid and eligible school. The documents that the student put forward needs to be original, any duplicate or any other means is not eligible for the student who applies for the college.

Application instruction

  • The eligible students are often the ones that the university selects, and the people cannot be chosen on any basis. The people who apply for the form are very selective, and the amount of outcome that the students require to portray by his academic is the benchmark of the selection.
  • The nomination of the students needs to be marked before 15th November.

Deadline: 15 Nov/1 Dec 2017 (annual)
Study in:  Canada
Course starts 2018

The website gives the further information.



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