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WMF Empowerment through Education Scholarships for Developing Country Students


The WMF empowerment through the ETE or the empowerment through Education program has announced the Scholarship program for the undergraduate students. It provides the opportunity for the students from the developing countries to pursue their Bachelor degree via scholarships. Every year the country reports its scholarship program to attract the finest brain across the world.

Host University

The candidate can choose either the home country or the other developing country for Bachelor degree.

About Scholarship

The main aim of the scholarship program is to enhance the student’s skill for their home country. Only the selected candidate gets the scholarship through this program every year. They will be pursuing their undergraduate degree for 2018. Some of the advantages of the scholarship are-

  • The students get an amount of USD 300 to USD 3000 on a yearly basis.
  • They get recipient of the undergraduate education.
  • The candidate gets an average scholarship of about USD 1400.
  • The scholarship includes tuition fee, room rent and book allowance.

Course level- Full-time undergraduate courses and programs are available at the university.

Study subject- all subjects are offered by the institute. The students can pursue their bachelor degree in the field of medicine, health science, law, social work, information technology, community development, engineering, and agriculture.

The number of awards- About 20-40 scholarships are available every year for the students.

Scholarships are to be taken in the home country or other developing countries.


  • The candidate should score excellent grades in their secondary education.
  • The candidate will be studying in other developing country or their home country for the bachelor degree.
  • If they wish to work in their own home country after they have graduated.
  • The candidates, who wish to pursue their bachelor, may apply for the scholarship to accomplish their dream jobs.

Test requirement– NO

Application instructions-

  • The candidate has to submit an application form the official portal of the Empowerment through Education.
  • They have to post mail to the office of WMF foundation.
  • The online application for the students is available, and the last date for the online application is 1 April 2018.
  • The candidate should read all the important instructions and points mentioned in the application form, and then they should carefully fill it without any mistake

How to apply?

  • The mode of applying for the scholarship program is online.
  • All the above application instruction should be remembered carefully before the candidate enrolls in the scholarship program.
  • They can visit the official website of WMF foundation for further queries.

Scholarship link-

Why WMF?

The good mountain foundation through the ETE or the empowerment through Education program provides a platform for all the students who want to enroll for the scholarship. Do not waste time in thinking which scholarship program to choose, go the official website WMF and enroll for the scholarship. Also get your dream job in your home country or any other developing country with this marvelous opportunity. Avail all the advantages offered by the Education program and get the job in international companies.



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